Photo Credit:  Jen Trahan

Photo Credit: Jen Trahan

Christine Joy Design aims to infuse interiors with playful elegance and an undeniable global flair. 

Christine Joy Design, LLC is a Brooklyn-based surface pattern design studio specializing in the home goods, apparel and consumer product markets. Founder Christine Llewellyn graduated from Wesleyan University and later obtained her MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. She worked as a marketing manager focused on point-of-sale design and innovation within a large financial services company before leaving to pursue her passion for design. In 2011, she obtained her Masters of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute and, shortly after, established Christine Joy Design.

For as long as she can remember, Christine has been passionate about design in its many forms: architectural, product, interior and graphic. She was determined to make a living being creative. Developing beautiful surface patterns for various markets proves to be a perfect marriage of her interests.

Christine has always viewed her world from a global lens. Her designs are influenced by her Caribbean heritage, childhood neighborhood which boasts the most ethnic diversity in the New York area, and living in central Africa as a young girl.  She was fortunate to be exposed to the design sensibilities of various world cultures at a very young age through artifacts brought back from her mother's extensive travels throughout Africa and Asia. Christine's designs are characterized by their playful yet elegant hand drawn motifs and modern, minimalist pattern composition. This clean simplicity is reflective of Christine's love of Scandinavian design.

When she's not designing, Christine loves spending time with her husband, two children, and perpetual puppy, Bobby.